Dear reader,

When Angie and I first started House Creative in late 2018, we had no idea what it would turn into.

For a long time, we worked with a multitude of different businesses and organizations as a run-of-the-mill creative agency, and gained more experience in design and in business.

In early 2020, When COVID-19 triggered so many shutdowns in March, it rocked our world. From there on, we had no idea what was going to happen next. We went through numerous ups and downs, feast and famine, and good times and bad--all while trying to learn business and learn our own identities.

For a while, I knew that we were being called to niche down, and truthfully, I was fighting God. It wasn't until late January of 2021 that I knew that we were at a crossroads: we wanted to work with churches and ministries.

From here on out, we have committed to our calling. As such, we have moved our old portfolio to a "legacy" collection, while committing to growing our new collection. I encourage you to stay tuned to see the new case studies that we will be releasing from the churches and ministries that we have been working with.

Thank you for your unwavering support! 

Scott Miller