Deja Vu Cafe

From its restaurant menu to its online presence, we had the honour of stewarding Deja Vu's rebranding.


Create a fresh look; all while maintaining respect and loyalty to Deja Vu's customer base.

For over ten years, Deja Vu has served the community of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan high-quality food, and a great location for tourists to visit. With an already-established brand, we needed to find ways to modernize Deja Vu's appearance and digital presence without alienating its loyal customer base.

What We Did

Restaurant Menu

Starting with a new restaurant menu, we designed Deja Vu's physical presence to match its already-established colour schemes and fonts. With Deja Vu's numerous menu options, it was a challenge fitting it all into a menu in an organized and visually appealing manner.

Social Media Management

We took on Deja Vu's online presence by managing their Facebook and instagram pages, quickly doubling it in size (from 2,000 followers to over 4,000 in less than eight months), and increasing audience engagement and quality of posts. For over a year now, we've had the great privilege of serving Deja Vu as their social media managers.


With a website that allows online-ordering functionality, our goal was for Deja Vu to be able to use their own delivery drivers, and avoid using a third-party online ordering app that would charge them high commissions. Their new website creates a fresh digital presence for Deja Vu, and also acts as a hub for online orders.