An iconic, award winning diner serving quality food.

As a nationally-renowned restaurant located in the heart of Moose Jaw, Deja Vu Cafe is an icon of good food. With its endless combination of sauces, quality-fried food, and excellent service, Deja Vu Cafe has set a high standard in southern Saskatchewan's restaurant industry.
Deja Vu Cafe
December, 2019 — February, 2021
Scott Miller — Creative Director Angela Miller — Lead Designer Olivia Kulbida — Graphic Designer Winter Holsworth — Graphic Designer Jorge Morales — Social Media Manager


Deja vu Cafe is a well-known restaurant in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. It has a fantastic reputation and for good reason: its food is delicious, its ambience is unique, and its owners genuinely care for their customers. However, for such a popular restaurant, its website was outdated and broken, their brand was all over the place and their social media was repetitive. When we first began working with Deja vu, we started doing their printed materials, which then led into us managing their social media with the intention to grow their following.

What We Did

Deja Vu Cafe wanted to capitalize on the brand they already had by increasing their social media following. As COVID started to gain relevancy, however, our goal shifted from not only growing Deja Vu's online following, but also maintain its revenue and profit margins through effective marketing campaigns.

  • Redesigned Deja Vu's restaurant menus
  • Created a new website that had a positive user experience.
  • Manage Deja Vu's social media presence
  • Facilitate several marketing and promotional campaigns.


  • Doubled Deja Vu's online presence
  • Not only maintained its revenue through COVID, but also doubled its delivery service revenue by supporting the development of an online ordering system and running effective marketing campaigns.

Social Media Management

We took fresh photos of their food and restaurant for our posts, researched their page's popularity peaks, posted with brand consistency, held giveaways, and overall made sure that their posts were quality made.

When we took over their social media, they had been at a standstill in growth for several years. Pictures of their food were being repeatedly used and there was no consistency or envisioned marketing strategy. We started managing their Facebook page, which had 2633 page likes on October 1st, 2019. Within a year, we were up to 4066, at a growth rate of 54% (1.7 per week) compared to the average growth rate of 15% (.64% per week).

When we began managing Deja vu's Instagram page, it was at only 200 followers. There were no native posts on Instagram, only the same posts designed for Facebook. We began intentionally posting natively to Instagram and began engaging with their audience by commenting and encouraging user generated photos. By the end of the year we had 800 followers.

Website Design

We created them a completely new and fresh-looking website using their true brand elements. Their new website includes an online and downloadable version of their take-out menu, their story and achievements, and much more information that their old website lacked.


Deja Vu Cafe was one of our first clients to take us on, and we're forever grateful for their trust they gave us.