Deja Vu Cafe

We overhauled Deja Vu's presence--both digitally and physically.


To create a new online presence through designing an updated website, online ordering system, and social media presence--as well as making it simpler for customers to order through a new restaurant menu.

New Face, same great Food

From the beginning, we understood that Deja Vu had an established brand and presence. It had 2,620 followers on Facebook on October 1st, 2019 (when we took over). By July 1st, Deja Vu had 3,991 followers (152 new followers per month at a growth rate of 34%). We created new content for each post, rather than using recycled material. Furthermore, we engaged with their audience, creating polls, contests, and more intriguing posts about the owners and staff. We also designed a new website for them that contained up-to-date and valid information, was easier to manage, and was on-brand for them. We also included an online ordering feature, bypassing other online ordering apps ensuring that Deja Vu got most of the profit. Lastly, we created a new restaurant menu for them that was larger in print, had more on-point branding, and was easy to update as needed.

Deja Vu now has over 4,000 followers on Facebook, is now established on Instagram, and, through its website, now receives over 1,000 website visits and 500 phone calls per month on Google alone, for an estimated increase in revenue of 25% from October of 2019 to July 2020.

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