We draft websites that are designed to scale your business.

The House Creative Media Company is a web development studio that works with impact-driven businesses and organisations. We help our clients plan, design, and implement growth-oriented websites and web applications that grow from a firm foundation.

Case Studies
Our Process

It's kind of like building a House.

In fact, we sort of borrow our methods from architectural design and planning. We believe that having a clear, established process maximizes the chance of success, even in the digital space.


Just like with any building project, we help you discover your goals, discover your ideal audience, create specific use cases, and brainstorm new messaging. From there, we build a strategy that directs our creative work.


We create drafts for your new brand identity and website. This next step builds upon Discovery to frame how the actual designs will look before we start building any creative assets.


We start the design on your refined and approved website and other design deliverables.


Development is the final step, and typically involves taking the design and making it functional, productive, and achieving results.

We build our websites in Webflow.

Our websites are built and hosted in Webflow, a development platform that allows us to use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript within a visual system — allowing us to build powerful, beautiful websites that serve our clients.

Easy Content Management System

Webflow's content management system allows our clients to manage their own website. Add or remove pages, media, text, blog posts, events, team members, or even entire landing pages without having to be confused by a clunky, unusable dashboard (we're looking at you, WordPress).

Beautiful Websites built quickly, efficiently, and responsively

With Webflow's visual-based application, we are able to develop websites quickly, allowing us to also show the site as its built. Our sites are built with mobile in mind, and no matter what device someone uses to view your site, it will be responsive, user-friendly, and beautiful.

Our Tools

We use a variety of different applications in our tech-stack to design and build our websites.


Used for creating online membership systems and databases.


Used for creating web applications such as dashboards, directories, or anythng else you can think of.


Used for creating scalable backend servers, API's, and databases without unnecessary complexities.


Used for creating complex automations between one or multiple applications.

Other Tools

We use many different applications to build websites and design brands and other creative content.

Started by accident. Exists on purpose.

House Creative started before we even knew what we were doing. Since 2018, we have been getting educated by the "school of hard knocks" while applying that knowledge to the work we do. We are passionate (even zealous) about the clients we work with. We believe the work we do needs to help make the world a better place — which is why we work with impact-driven businesses and organisations.