Branding and Marketing for your impact-driven business.

You don’t want to achieve the status-quo. Neither do we. That’s why partnering with us will help you accomplish those big things that make people’s minds explode.

Brand Strategy // Website Design // Digital Marketing
Giant Springs, Great Falls, Montana
In order to guarantee our creative results...

All of our projects start with Discovery.

A discovery session is the first step in our relationship. In a five hour workshop, we identify what pain-points your business has, identify your audience, and prescribe the  solutions needed to accomplish the goals we create in the workshop.

Discovery is the most crucial part of our process.

Discovery helps us (and you) identify what creative services are needed to achieve the results you are looking for.

Discovery ends with a House Blueprint:

After the completion of a Discovery session, we deliver our blueprint (brand strategy), which is everything that you need to accomplish the work.

We also provide an audit/analysis, Initial stylescapes and initial messaging.

Our inHouse Services

Brand Development

Brand Development

We can create a new logo, style guide, stylescapes, messaging, typography, and stationary.

Website Design

Website Design

We can design and develop a new website completely from scratch. Your new website will be completely catered to making it easy to update and convert visitors into customers.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

We can create engaging and energizing marketing campaigns that are so enticing, people will beg you to take their money.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management

We will take the monotony of posting to social media without the monotone messaging that plague business's online presences. In other words, we'll make visitors to your social media pages into fans.

Our Clients

The Story of House Creative

Started as a husband-wife duo, House Creative was built in 2018 as a means for Scott to go to college while providing for his new family. Quickly, it's become bigger than Angie and Scott, and has expanded to become a full-fledged creative agency.

Scott and Angela Miller

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