Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards

Protecting Moose Jaw's local environment and acting as arbitrators between economy and nature, the MJRWS is a paramount organization dedicated to its mission.


Create a Whole New Brand

From the ground up, the Moose Jaw River Watershed Stewards asked us to create a new logo, website, graphics, and style guide for their organization. Furthermore, in cooperation with the Water Security Agency, they asked us to produce a webinar series for other watersheds, instructing them on how to (re)brand themselves.

From The Ground Up

Starting with the logo, we discovered that most watershed organizations had the same logo--a water droplet. To differentiate from others, we decided to design a logo that represented Pelican Lake, a body of water to the west of Moose Jaw that was fundamental to the Moose Jaw River watershed.
From there, we designed their style guide using the colours from the logo, and then finally the website, which we partnered with Codigo Webworks to complete. Their website features not only the ability to receive online donations, but also sports a membership portal for other watersheds, as well as an easy to use content management system.