We exist to make you grow without the stress.

Since day one, we've aimed to be the agency that relieves you of the burden of getting leads for your business. We stand by the meaning of "House": a warm, safe, and trustworthy place.

Our Impact

We are still new, but we have generated great results so far — and this is only the beginning.

increased revenue for our clients
Happy Clients

Our values

These are our non-negotiables.

Honesty & Transparency

We value the truth above fluffy promises. We believe in a candid approach in our work and interactions with others.

We think outside the box

We might base our name after an object shaped like a cube, but we don't like limitations. If it's never been done, we want to be the first.

We break rules

We don't believe in the status-quo. Our least favourite phrase on planet Earth is: "We've always done it this way".

Our people matter.

Everyone we interact with, whether our team members or our clients, matter. Their stories, lives, and situations matter. We will always display compassion and care.

Our Team

Our core team runs the day to day, while we have a powerful network of creative freelancers we draw on to help us accomplish the work.

Scott Miller

Scott is the brand strategist and owner of House Creative. He is originally from Montana, but has made Saskatoon home for several years, and can't imagine anywhere else he would like to settle. He also is the communications director City Centre Church and also on the leadership team for Mission20.

Angela Miller
Project Manager

Angela has been with House from the beginning with Scott. She coordinates and supports Scott and the team through different projects and is a gifted graphic designer herself. In her free time, she loves being with her husband (Scott), her kids, visiting with people, and crafts.

Anthony Kern
Digital Marketing Director

Anthony is obsessed with numbers and statistics, making him a natural marketer. Working with the creative team, he's able to ascertain what will work based off of analytics and ensure that our clients see the results we promise. Anthony resides in Montana and loves gaming and building new computers.

Andrew Russell
Accounts Manager

Andrew is the bridge between clients and our creative team, ascertaining what they need and then communicating it with them and our creative team. Andrew is also a pastor, rapper, growing TikTok influencer (@thejournalist_gnt), status Wood Mountain Lakota, and a loving father of four.