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We don't believe in limits.

Why we're House.

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We're a family.

And we like to carry a family-like level of hospitality in how we do business.

Founded by husband-and-wife-duo, Scott and Angie, House's core founding principle is to care about those we work with. We are invested in each other and with the businesses and organizations that trust us to bring them to their potential. When you start working with us, we will be more loyal than your golden retriever. We are on board for the long-haul. Just don't take us the to the vet.


Our services are rendered with exceptional attention to detail. We don't call it a "finished product" if it's not truly finished.


You're not just a client; you're a partner! We are there for you in the long run, bringing you to your full potential.


We're a family-business. That means you're talking to real people with real stories. We believe that being approachable, transparent, and humble is key.

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