We design the voice behind brands, giving them an edge, building them up, and propelling them into the future.

Don't limit yourself.

Having a strong brand identity and presence is key in today's world. People are bombarded with many different products and services every time they open a web browser. Don't let your brand be one of the countless that blend in.

We build brands from the ground up.

From DISCOVERY to completion, we are business consultants that partner with you from beginning to end. We are the trusted friend that will always have your back as you navigate the next steps in your business's journey. Trust us, we got this.

Our Process is simple.

1. Discovery

We strategize with you to find your brand's voice, how to reach your audience, and strengthen your marketing presence.

2. Design

We create your brand through web design, graphics, photography/videography, and content design.

3. Delivery

We work with you to reach your audience through marketing campaigns; both digital and traditional.

Service Breakdown


Discovery & Research

User Experience

Brand Strategy and Architecture


Content Strategy

Marketing Campaigns

Branding and Design


Brand Style Guides


Collateral, Print & Packaging


Digital Development

Website Design & Development


Information Architecture


Custom Content Management Systems

Web Applications

Content Production

Script Development



Motion Graphics

Live-Action Production


Post Production

House Rules

Our Story

House Creative was started by married duo Scott and Angela Miller in November of 2018. When we started, we had one goal in mind: to give small business a big voice. We were intent on providing positive growth to everyone we worked with. The work that we did was intended to be a catalyst for that growth. For the first several months, House Creative was a part time side-gig while Scott was in college to be a pastor. In September of 2019, House Creative became a full time business, with Scott and Angela making it their sole source of income. Since going full time, we have grown exponentially. As of 2020, we are now a team of six people working both in person and remotely, and have clients in both Canada and the United States. In May, we officially incorporated, and now operate full time in downtown Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

Why the name "House"

A house is made up of several rooms that do not serve the same purpose as the other, yet they're all under one roof. The kitchen has (hopefully) nothing to do with the bathroom, and the living room is definitely not the bedroom (unless you're a couch surfer). As a creative agency, we do so many different things that don't necessarily have anything directly related with the other, yet all complement each other. Thus the name "House."

Meet The Team

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