About Us

We're a creative group of professionals that pride ourselves on being a family--and we want to welcome you as well. By working with us, you will experience our unwavering loyalty. Your success is ours. We're in this together!

As your marketing and design team, our main job is to put your best foot forward. We accomplish this through consulting first; designing second. Our goal is to increase your revenue through effective marketing and brand strategy.

Our Services


Discovery & Research

User Experience

Brand Strategy and Architecture


Content Strategy

Marketing Campaigns

Branding and Design


Brand Style Guides


Collateral, Print & Packaging


Digital Development

Website Design & Development


Information Architecture


Custom Content Management Systems

Web Applications

Content Production

Script Development



Motion Graphics

Live-Action Production


Post Production

Our Process

By partnering with us, you'll take part in our design process, which looks like:


We learn everything we can possibly know about your business; your audience, your history, your strengths, your weaknesses--anything that will help us do our job: to increase your revenue.


This is fairly self-explanatory. From here, we design websites, Facebook ads, logos, or whatever will optimize your brand and generate a larger audience--thus increasing your (you guessed it!) revenue.


Our work never ends. Branding and marketing is not a "build it and leave it" service. It's like home maintenance.
From here, we want to partner with you and continue to optimize your marketing and branding.

Our Story

House Creative was founded by Scott and Angela Miller in 2018 while Scott was in college to be a youth pastor. Originally, House was a way for Scott to pay bills while ensuring flexibility with his schedule, it quickly morphed into a full-fledged business, and Scott refocused his career towards the creative world. In 2020, House welcomed its first team members, and has since grown to be a team of five.

Our Values

Be real.

Be loyal.

Be creative.

Be humble.

We strive to be transparent, authentic, and true to ourselves. As a company, we embrace candour--meaning we are honest with each other.

We want to be there for our clients through their ups and downs. Marketing and design requires a trusting relationship--not a transactional one.

We want to push the boundaries of what is normal. That means taking leaps of faith, and understanding that we might be the only ones to do it.

We admit our failures. A lot of the creative world is trial and error. There's no way to mask that mistakes can--and will--be made. However, they can be minimized by being transparent (hence value #1), and be forthcoming from the beginning.

The Family: