We are living in a new age as the Church.

How we interact with people — whether they're new visitors or seasoned attendees — has completely shifted. Giving away bulletins and greeting people in the foyer has (in many cases) been replaced with creating social media posts and inviting people to visit our church websites.

This makes us pioneers.

What we do from here will impact the church for generations to come. The status quo can't remain. The message hasn't changed in thousands of years — how we deliver it has.

We are digital natives helping people impact others with the incredible Gospel.

We are passionate about helping churches navigate the shift into 21st century digital evangelism and discipleship through designing, teaching, and sharing our story.
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Meet House

We believe that God has called us to be the marketing agency for churches that want to make an impact.

What's with the name?

We wish we had some amazing, inspiring story. Honestly, in 2018, we (Angie and Scott) were wanting to find a simple, easy name to remember that was catchy while also meaningful. Scott was in Bible College to be a youth pastor, but he had nearly a decade of creative experience, and decided to dabble into freelancing.

However, Scott's issue was that he was capable of doing quite a few things, and his brain (and his ADHD) seems like a house full of rooms.

So, like a house has many rooms that are seemingly unrelated, we believed that marketing and design have different disciplines and gifts that might seem unrelated, but symbiotically work together.

It wasn't until years later that Scott read Hebrews 3:4 and realized that the name "House" was a perfect fit.
"Every house has a builder, but God is the designer and builder of all things."