Hebrews 3:4

Every house is built by someone, but God is the DESIGNER and BUILDER of all things.

We believe that digital media has an important role to play in the modern church.

Covid-19 has rocked the world, including churches. We truly believe that things should not go back to normal, and that the front door of the church has been moved online. This doesn't have to be too overwhelming. That's why we've made it our mission to partner with churches and ministries and help them grow an online presence through branding and digital outreach.

We exist to serve the church.

Our goal is to see people saved, churches grow, and ultimately to serve their communities. We accomplish this through strategy, design, and marketing their brands.

As a creative agency, we also design the brand (including their logo, website, style guide, and other deliverables), provide media resources, and also assist with their marketing endeavours.

Brand Strategy

Do you see your church's messaging reaching the people you want to reach?

As a ministry, do you feel that your team has a clear understanding of what direction you're headed?

Does your church's brand invite people to contribute?

Through a hands-on, one day workshop, we help your church define who your audience is, what your key objectives are, and refine your messaging. From there, we actually design and help you put into practice a new brand strategy.

Brand Identity

How recognizable is your church in the community?

How do people learn more about you?

How cohesive is your brand?

There's a lot more that goes into a logo than just designing it. As a branding agency, our job isn't just to draw up a quick logo and then throw it out there. We want to honour God through design and strategy, and ensure that whatever people see accurately describes your church and sets it apart.

Digital Design

From website design to information architecture, to even user experience (UX) development, we love providing churches with the ability to seamlessly grow and maintain their online presence.

Digital Outreach (aka. marketing)

Much like the secular world, we're trying to reach the right people with the right messaging through marketing. However, while marketing focuses on increasing sales, we are focusing on reaching people and spreading the Gospel.

As a ministry-minded and church-centered branding and outreach (marketing) agency, we can introduce and manage digital outreach strategies that focus on telling the story that you want to tell, but we do it with prayer, focus, and trust in the Holy Spirit.

Furthermore, we can manage your social media presence completely, making it one less thing that you as a ministry team have to worry about. Your primary job should be teaching, inspiring, and growing your flock with the Gospel.

In case you were wondering, all images on the website are ones that we actually took.

Who Are We?

House Creative is a branding and outreach agency based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, serving the North American church. We are a team of ministry-minded people located throughout Canada and the United States.

As a team, we are led and managed by full-time staff. However, we also have something we call a "brand trust", a board of full-time and part-time pastors, ministers, and other Christian professionals who have an active part in advising us and directing us.

Though we are the "House Creative Media Company", we are God-focused, Spirit-led, and Christ-centred in our work. Through branding and church outreach, we believe that we are supporting Jesus's kingdom by equipping ministries to follow Matthew 28:19 into the digital realm.

Our Vision:

That we will see churches around North America spreading the GOSPEL through 21st century digital media.

Our values:

To be real.

Authenticity is something that many claim, but few practice. As a company, we want to be true to ourselves, and true to you.

To be Christ-centred.

Our spiritual health is the most important aspect of our life, and we want to emulate how Jesus lived, taught, and served in how we do business.

To be innovative.

We believe that branding is about being different. We don't want to do what everyone else is doing, if we feel that it can be done better.

To be inspired.

We believe that being comfortable is a "creative sin". We always want to become better, push harder, and do more. Design is always shifting and moving.

To be disciplined.

We believe that we can always learn and improve, but that you deserve the best from us at all times.

To be family.

We believe in partnering with you in the long term, and that means being the biggest supporter of your brand's mission. We also believe this means taking care of our team, and setting them up for success.

Don't worry. We're design pros.

As a company, we're continuously learning best practices on how to design brands and market in today's modern world by world-class coaches such as Chris Do.

Some of the Tools we Use

Our Team

Scott Miller

As a strategist, Scott's primary role is to help churches and Christian organizations grow in a Godly way. Originally from Montana, Scott resides in Saskatoon with his wife and two (soon to be three) kids. He went to school at Briercrest College and Seminary for Christian Ministry and media arts, but left in the middle of his schooling to focus on House Creative. Scott grew up in churches, but considers 2016 as the year he got serious about Jesus. Aside from House, he works and volunteers with his local church in media, occasionally has preached, and is passionate about youth ministry.

Angela Miller

As both co-founder, strategist, and a graphic designer, Angie has and does it all. Angie is passionate about Scripture, ministry, and spiritual growth, especially for women. Angela attended Briercrest College and Seminary and studied Humanities, and continues in her studies currently. Aside from working with House, she is a full-time stay-at-home mother, balancing her time with the business along with her calling to be an amazing mother. In her free time, she is a huge extrovert, and loves spending time with friends drinking coffee, being outdoors, and also curling up under a blanket and reading and listening to sermons online.

Winter Holsworth

As House Creative's primary graphic designer, she overall sets the direction for church brand strategy. Along with being a graphic designer, she is also a full-time stay-at-home mother, and also serves with her husband, Jeremy in their youth and young adults ministry. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with friends, drinking coffee, and visiting family in Manitoba.

Jeremy Holsworth

Originally from northern California, Jeremy immigrated to Canada to go to Bible college. He has a bachelor's degree in Christian Ministry, and is currently working on a Masters. He is the full-time Youth and Young Adults pastor at the Moose Jaw Victory Church, alongside being a ministry strategist with House Creative. He enjoys spending time with his wife and two kids in his free time.

Frequent Collaborators

Dave Boisclair

Dave is a phenominal videographer, with specialty in church video production. He is the full time media director at Victory Church Moose Jaw, and also runs his own production company that serves all of southern Saskatchewan. As a frequent collaborator with House, he has helped us to create different types of videos for clients, and is passionate about media production.

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