Welcome to House.

House Creative is a branding and marketing agency housed (pun intended) in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. We work with impact-driven businesses and organizations that want a creative team that likes to break the mold of how things are done.

We enjoy being your inHouse creative team.

Our ideal/favourite clients are:

  • Businesses and organizations that are growth-oriented and driven to make a difference in their communities, whether locally or globally. They do not believe in maintaining the status-quo.

  • Are looking for a creative team that is self-sufficient, reliable, and growth-driven. They don't want to micro-manage, and trust in us to get them results.

  • Aren't afraid to take risks or think outside the box.

  • Are interested in the long game; they want a creative team that is integrated with their business ecosystem and want a long-term relationship.

Our Process

The House BluePrint

Our process is very similar to how homes are designed, constructed, and maintained. You don't just throw some sticks together and call it a house. The same thing goes for your business's brand and marketing strategies.





Just like with any building project, we help you discover your goals, discover your ideal audience, create specific use cases, and brainstorm new messaging.

From there, we build a brand strategy that directs our creative work.





We create drafts for your new brand identity and marketing. This next step builds upon Discovery to frame how the actual designs will look before we start building any creative assets.

This is much like creating the drafts of a house — designing the house's layout and purpose before actually designing any working models (or hiring any contractors/specialists).





We start the design on refined and approved design deliverables such as logos, websites, stationary graphics, ads, videos, photos — everything that would go into a strong branding and marketing system.

This would be similar to having working drawings built by engineers, specialized trades hired, and a schedule created to start physical construction.





Development is the final step, and typically involves a team of creatives such as web developers, graphic designers, marketing experts, and other specialists developing final products.

By keeping the initial three steps inHouse as much as possible, we keep costs down when hiring experts, and only hire when the development phase has started.

Often times, we are able to accomplish this final step completely without having to hire outside expertise (depending on the needs of the client), but we also have a strong network of freelancers and other companies that are capable of excellent work.

This phase would be similar to the physical construction of a house, including final inspections and walkthroughs when the work is done. The biggest difference is that we typically provide ongoing support and maintenance on our design and services.

Our Services

We can handle it all.

As a full-service agency, we can take on almost any creative work that your business needs.

Website Development

We can build a fully-custom website designed specifically for your needs. That includes e-commerce sites, membership sites, and even web-based apps.

Social Media Management

We can maintain your online presence on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, and more by generating engaging content and creating conversations with your audience.

Content Marketing

We can create social media content that attracts visitors to your social media pages that — ultimately — convert into customers.

Logo/Identity Design

We can create a new logo and brand identity that fits your business's mission, vision, and values and is long-lasting, recognizable, and adaptable to multiple use-cases.

Brand Messaging

We can help you find the words that build a culture around your business that ultimately make it a positive interaction for customers and staff.


We can take engaging and professional photos for any use.


We can create video content for your business such as ads, promo videos, social media content, and even vlogs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

While our websites are built to be optimized for search engines, we can provide ongoing SEO such as blog posts, backlink management, and more.

Traditional Marketing

We can help create radio ads, TV spots, and even design vehicle wraps, billboard ads, and more.

Search Engine Marketing

We can create Google ads that convert people searching for things you offer into buyers.

Stationary Design

We can design business cards, pens, posters, t-shirts, and anything else you might need.

Our Mission

To be the zealous, innovative, and trusted partner for the impact-driven businesses and organizations we work with by designing amazing brand identities, websites, and marketing campaigns that build long-term results.

Our Vision

To see the businesses and organizations we partner with achieve their dreams and make a positive impact for the people that interact with their brands.

Our Values

Our Building Blocks

We believe in partnership, not just clientship.

We believe that the best creative work comes from being passionate about the missions our clients have; and believe in growing, succeeding, and learning together. We like long-term relationship more than one-and-done projects.

We believe in impactful and purposeful marketing.

Social media is full of noise. We believe in making marketing content that is fun, engaging, and against the grain.

We believe in long-term strategy.

Just like building a house, we believe that creative strategies should take time, effort, and intention. Quick turn-arounds are great, but not at the detriment of results that bring quality.

We are a family.

We believe that compassion, collaboration, and intentional connections foster a close community of people all driven to see our world become a better place. That means we put people first.

Our team

We're lean, but certainly not mean. We like to think we're nice people.

Scott Miller

Scott is the brand strategist and co-founder of House Creative. He helps businesses build a strong brand/marketing strategy and achieve their goals. He is originally from Montana, but has made Saskatoon home for several years, and can't imagine anywhere else he would like to settle. He is a staff member of City Centre Church, and also on the leadership team for Mission20. Scott loves being active in the nonprofit space, and as an extrovert, he loves meeting with people. In his free time, Scott enjoys making music, creating, being with Angie and their three kids, and also scheming of a way to get out of town and into the wilderness.

Angela Miller
Co-Founder/Creative Director

As co-founder, Angela has been with House from the beginning with Scott. She is a gifted designer and creative, and is typically the project lead for most branding and design projects. In her free time, she loves being with her husband (Scott), her kids, visiting with people, and crafts.