An organisation providing holistic care to families in the inner city of Saskatoon.

Their Mission Statement: to further the development, operation, and maintenance of programs and activities geared towards social renewal and economic revitalization in the inner city of Saskatoon and the rest of Canada.
October 2021 to PRESENT
Scott Miller — Creative Director Angela Miller — Lead Designer


Mission20 is an outreach organisation founded by City Centre Church that is focused on supporting low-income families within the inner-city of Saskatoon, as well as equipping other charities and Christian ministries throughout the rest of Saskatchewan to provide holistic care to at-risk people and families.

We have continued a long-term partnership with Mission20, and have helped them get off the ground as their agency of record.

What We Did

Mission20 was a concept born out of City Centre Church's current outreach ministries, that until late 2021 existed only by name. In all intents and purposes, Mission20 has existed as a nonprofit startup, so we wanted to create a brand that was easily recognisable, universal, and impactful. To accomplish this we:

  • Branded Mission20 and created an entire brand system: website, logo, stationary, signage, and even letterhead and newsletter templates.
  • Built a new website that was versatile and able to grow as Mission20 grows.
  • Operate marketing campaigns on social media
  • Apply for and utilize Google's Nonprofit Ad Grant
  • Create a custom donation system with partnership from Luke at Codigo Webworks. This allowed us to cut out donor providers and reduce the cost per transactions (donations).
  • Create ongoing social media content
  • Create ongoing graphic designs
  • Videography and Photography

Logo Design

Mission20's logo was meant to be simple, aesthetically pleasing, and able to be recognizable easily in order to gain as much exposure in our region as quickly as we could.

The dots come from Mission20's flagship program: Doorstep:GO. Doorstep:GO used to be called Doorstep.GO (dot-go), which was something that just stuck. As time went on, the dot became a popular part of Mission20's brand, and so we continued to use the dots as part of the logo and branding.

In the full-size Mission20 Logo, the dot sitting over the "S's" act as a bridge between the other dots, creating another M. The dot also acts as a reference towards bridging a gap or creating a pathway towards change and growth.

Website Design

The website is built on Webflow, which allows Mission20 to fully control its websites's HTML, Javascript, and CSS to expand its capabilities as needed. We created a website that has a fully operational content management system (CMS), and also created a custom donation system powered by Stripe, which allowed Mission20 to reduce transaction fees and scale their donation system as they grow as well.

Video Production

We are the agency of record for creating video content for Mission20, including social media posts, promo videos, and announcement videos.


Mission20 is intertwined into our DNA, with Scott being a founding member of the organisation. Because of our symbiotic relationship with Mission20 (as well as City Centre Church), we aim to support Mission20 for years to come.