An inner city church providing compassion, connection, and community.

Located in the heart of Saskatoon's inner city, City Centre Church is a growing non-denominational church with a heart for outreach. They are driven about showing compassion, building connection, and facilitating community for everyone that calls their church home.
City Centre Church
February 2021 - PRESENT
Scott Miller — Creative Director Angela Miller — Creative Director


We need to be upfront: City Centre Church is very intertwined with House Creative Media Company. Scott is a ministry staff member, and Angie acts as communications director. But, it wasn't always this way.

In 2021, while attending a previous church, we were hired on contract to help City Centre Church with their social media presence. They were a blast to work with even then, and, after a short while (and a lot of prayer), we ended up making City Centre Church our home.

We are in full support of CCC's mission, ministries, and people. We love the difference that City Centre makes in the inner city of Saskatoon, and we love seeing people grow closer together and to a higher purpose in their faith.

What We Did

Over the last three years, we have introduced improvements or changes slowly while City Centre Church went through a leadership transition. At first, our goal was to create consistent content that maintained the progress they already made, but as time has gone on, we have been able to get more and more creative with our approach online.

  • Manage City Centre Church's social media presence on Facebook/Instagram
  • Ongoing Graphic Design
  • Ongoing videography
  • Ongoing Photography
  • Ongoing Brand Development
  • Web Development
  • Manage print orders
  • Create signage
  • Digital Marketing efforts
  • Onboard City Centre Church to the Google Ad Grant

Social Media Management

We have created ongoing content for City Centre Church's social media pages on Facebook and Instagram, responding to comments and messages, and creating promotions inviting people into City Centre Church.

Video Production

We create video content for City Centre Church's social media pages, as well as manage their YouTube channel.


We are proud to work with City Centre Church, and look forward to growing with them!