The antithesis of a typical accounting brand.

Scottfree is an accounting and bookkeeping firm located in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan that prides itself in being the opposite of what you'd consider typical accountants. They prioritize simple language, easy approachability, and a friendly attitude, as well as transparent pricing.
Scottfree Accounting
December 2022 — PRESENT
Scott Miller — Creative Director Angela Miller — Lead Designer


When Scott Schuler approached us, he expressed a desire to create a brand that was friendly, inviting, and the complete opposite of what most accounting firm's showcase.

Of course this excited us, so we thought through what an antithetical accounting brand would be. Our thoughts resulted in Schuler and Pearce Accounting's completely new facelift.

What We Did

We completely reconstructed Schuler and Pearce Accounting from the ground up, including a name change.

  • We discontinued the corporate-sounding "Schuler and Pearce Accounting" name and replaced it with "Scottfree".
  • Designed a new brand identity including a new logo, colour palatte, typefonts, messaging, and voice.
  • Designed and developed a new website with a client dashboard for bookkeeping clients.
  • (CURRENTLY) Create engaging content for Facebook and Instagram.
  • (CURRENTLY) Create blog posts for search engine optimization and encouraging and educating Scottfree's audience.
  • (CURRENTLY) Search Engine Marketing

We are currently Scottfree's agency of record.

Logo Design

When we came up with the idea of "Scottfree" as a name, we knew we needed a fun, humorous logo that related to the everyday person. The "running man" logo was hand-drawn and then optimized for digital, and acts as our accountant hero, helping his clients get through their books and accounts "scot-free".

Scott Schuler's goal with accounting has always been to benefit his clients, and his desire is to see their books balanced and loves helping businesses minimize their taxes owing and maximize their profits, leading to a stress-free life.

Website Design

Scottfree's website was built on Webflow, which allows us to build and scale their website as they grow and expand their services. Along with a front-facing website, we also created a system that enables business clients to register for an account and communicate with their accountant through their own personal dashboard.


skɒtˈfri: completely free from obligation, harm, or penalty

Scottfree's brand is easy-going, humorous, and approachable for small business owners, while also showcasing that they are an accounting firm that prioritises communication, professionalism, and expertise, creating a great blend of traditional accounting content with a unique, creative approach.

According to the Scottfree official style guide: 

As a play on the term "Scot-free" and the fact that our founder's name is Scott, Scottfree implies a few things:

  • We want to serve our clients and help them get away from unnecessary taxes.
  • We want our clients to feel a burden off their backs.
  • We believe that being judgement free and showing grace to clients will enable them to grow and succeed.

Our voice should be simple and easy to understand. We avoid using accounting terms that most people won't understand.


  • Easy-going
  • Relational and warm
  • Professional yet personal
  • Confident yet humble


Scott Schuler (and Scottfree) is a blast to work with. We appreciate their trust and hands-off approach, allowing us to build and market their brand as partners. We look forward to a long, fruitful relationship!