Build a reputation. Don't be anonymous on your website.

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January 11, 2021

Why should your About Page on your website have your real name and a quick bio of you? What are current trends in the 2020's, and what are some tips to follow for giving your about page a little update?

Being anonymous is "sooo two decades ago."

Anonymity is a bit outdated in today's online world. During the bubble and even beyond, we were advised to keep our names anonymous (don't share your real information!). While certain aspects are true, we live in a post-social media world, where one quick google search of your name (and maybe a couple other key terms if you have a generic name like mine) brings up more information that you'd want. If someone wants to find out something about you--chances are the information is already there. Now, before we get started, I'd like to say a couple of disclaimers. Still, we probably should be wary of adding too much information online. For example, we shouldn't be adding information that could be used in identity theft (drivers licenses, government documents, and I shouldn't have to say this but: credit cards or social insurance/security numbers). However, we live in a world where information is at the tips of our fingers. And, if you're worried about the government finding you, don't worry, chances are they already have.

The Problem I see as a brand strategist