The elephant in the room for all your IT needs.

Spektra is an enterprise-level information-and-communications technology company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as well as Lagos, Nigeria. Spektra works with brands such as Dominos Pizza, Airtel, Action against Hunger, the World Bank, as well as even the United States Government,
Spektra Communications
December 2022 — PRESENT
Scott Miller — Creative Director
Angela Miller — Lead Designer
Anthony Kern — Digital Marketing Specialist


When Patrick Omeke approached us in December, he already had an information and communications technology (ICT) company with an impressive portfolio of international enterprise clients.

When he chose Canada as the beachhead for his new North American presence, he realized he had to approach Canadians (and North Americans) differently than clients in Nigeria or overseas, and wanted to solidify a brand that is international, established, and growing.

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What We Did

As their agency of record in North America, we accomplished the following over the last several months:

  • We worked with Spektra in creating a legal corporate entity in Saskatchewan/Canada.
  • Designed a new brand identity including a new logo, colour palatte, typefonts, messaging, and voice.
  • Designed and developed a new website showcasing their services and past clients.
  • (CURRENTLY) Create engaging content for Facebook and Instagram.
  • (CURRENTLY) Create blog posts for search engine optimization and encouraging and educating Spektra's clients.
  • (CURRENTLY) Search Engine Marketing

We are currently Spektra's agency of record.

Logo Design

Spektra's previous logo was drawn up near the beginning of its existence in the early 2010's. In order to establish a global-enterprise level brand for Spektra, we wanted to create an iconic logo that portrayed the values that Spektra had.

The elephant was thought of for multiple reasons: 

  1. Spektra wants to be known for its wisdom, ingenuity, and friendliness. They aim to partner with their clients as they grow, not just conduct single projects.
  2. IT companies always use abstract, tech-oriented logos that often times lack humanity, especially in North America. We wanted to break the unwritten rules of what IT company branding had to look like, so we went back to the natural world.
  3. Spektra wants to be loud, proud, and large in how it carries itself. What land animal is bigger than an elephant? 
  4. It stays true to Spektra's African roots while also being relatable to a North American/Global audience.
Spektra Communications

Website Design

Spektra's website was 100% custom built on Webflow, using HTML, CSS, and Javascript, which allows us to build and scale their website as they grow and expand their services.


Spektra's new branding uses a mix of unorthodox colours in order to be antithetical to most tech companies, while still being approachable, friendly, and sleek.

It also incorporates a professional level of humour, friendliness, and intuitiveness with its messaging.


We are excited to help Spektra grow as their agency of record, and look forward to a long relationship as their agency of record!