Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival

A village in Saskatchewan becomes the hub of commerce, arts, and prairie living, with over 5,000 people filling its main street.


Expand The Berry Festival's Reach

With a great foundation, the Mortlach Saskatoon Berry Festival was already reaching so many people. However, they wanted to grow a digital presence. As one of our first clients, we were excited to be able to grow their presence through managing their social media accounts. Using their previous festivals as a foundation, we needed to design a brand for them to better attract new visitors.

Designing a Brand, and then sharing it

Using their previous years as a foundation, we designed the berry festival's brand to be unified, easy on the eyes, and digital and print-friendly. From there, we then established a simple style guide, and then began creating posts based on the style guide. From February to May of 2019, we grew the Berry Festival's reach to over 60,000 people throughout Western Canada, and increased their pie pre-orders and attendance to the event itself.